Used Engines

TE310R 2013

TE310R 2013 complete engine, generator and starter mech not included. £1250

TE250 Fi 2008

TE250 (Fuel injection model) 2008-2009 era, good complete engine with generator. No kickstart, electric start only. £1050

TR650 2013

Complete TR650 engine, Generator/starter motor not included, £1000 

TE/TXC 250 2011

TE250 2011, complete good engine, generator/starter mech not included.   SOLD

TE/TXC 449R 2013

TE/TXC449R 2013, complete engine,  3 hours from new!  Clutch removed (as on picture) and generator not included. £1400 NOW SOLD SORRY

TE125/SMR125 4 Stroke

Complete TE/SMR125 (2011) engine, new, zero miles, £599 (generator not included)  NOW SOLD

TE/TXC 250R 2013

TE250R (TXC) 2013, 6 speed, complete running engine, generator not included, starter clutch mech not included. Kickstart shaft snapped. £1250

SMR/TE570 2002

2002 570 ENGINE (6 SPEED) good condition,  Generator not included.  NOW SOLD

TE250 2010 X-LITE

2010 TE (TXC) 250 x-lite engine, tuned by NME (Stuart Johnstone) has bigger intake/higher compression etc, had a recent refurb, complete apart from generator/starter clutch and kickstart mech, £1100    SOLD


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